TrashPunkGarageGarbage from Zürich

Somebody put something in our drinks...

Kid Doc with dark blue Ibanez



The chorus of the Ramones song 'Somebody put something in my drink' says a lot about the intention of the band.


Lead guitar youngster Kid Doc goes mad on stage without any additions to his drinks, though. Half a pint lager from time to time is all he needs to... rock his socks off.

Doc Underberg Janos von Kwiatkowski with red Gibson ES 135 vintage guitar, Doc Friday in the background






Doc Underberg is the man who stands in the center of the stage, performing like there's no tomorrow. Playing the red Telecaster is his passion. He makes the crowd go wild with his rocking voice and the girls love it when he takes off his shirt.


When Doctor Jones takes his sticks and sits down behind his shiny cymbals, he provides the band with pulsating beats. As he was born as a "Schwabe" he's also responsible for the war chest.

Doc Friday with light blue Fender Precision bass 'Highway No. 1'

Doc Friday plays the bass and as the senior he takes care that the boys got to be on time. He also looks for gigs and stuff, so if you have any request - ask the Doc!