The story so far...

Sarah and Philine at the backstage area at our gig in Oberlangen





The band was founded in 2009 as a three piece set to entertain some friends at a birthday party.


At a 'The BossHoss' show they met a guy who was in charge for the T-Shirt sales for that band. He became the new bandmember 'Doc Underberg', who now delights the band with his lovely voice and his red Tele.


Club gigs at 'Rosis Amüsierlokal' in Dresden, 'Kaiserkeller' in Hamburg and Party and Festival shows were the result of hard work in this new line up.


Starting with cover versions of 60s garage legends 'The Sonics' and punk godfathers 'The Ramones' and 'The Sex Pistols' the band more and more discovered their own talents in creating catchy melodies and heart touching lyrics, as shown in songs like 'Fuck That', 'Pretty Lady' and 'Criminal Bankers'.


The HotDocs are currently working on their first album, recording at the 'Sonnenstudio' in Berlin. Sir Frank Doe will produce this compilation of classic punk and garage versions and rocking originals. Frank is not only the drummer of 'The BossHoss', but also experienced in recording and mixing, as he has shown in many commercials for 'Coca Cola' and others. 

Be sure - the boys will rock your party!